Shaped by Social Distancing

Happy Hour Kits is the latest offering by Happied, a Washington, DC based platform connecting people to the best restaurants and bars and to each other. When COVID-19 shut down restaurants and bars, we quickly sprung into action to launch virtual happy hour cocktail classes to keep people socially connected and bring needed income to displaced bartenders.

Sprucing Up your Bar Cart

After hosting thousands of attendees from across the country, we wanted to make it easier for at-home happy hour goers to get all the ingredients and tools they need to make perfect drinks. Our carefully curated kits are crafted to include fresh ingredients, quality syrups and bitters, and all the tools needed to ensure your drinks are mixology worthy.



Virtual Happy Hours

Want to attend one of our virtual happy hours? We'd love for you to join us! Join us at the virtual bar here.

Corporate Virtual Events

We gotchu. Click here to get to that!